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    High School
  • 1812: The War

    This downloadable examines the War of 1812—a conflict that might never have happened if President James Madison had access to modern communication. It includes a timeline of events, illustrations, teacher directions, and an activity that challenges students to take a stand—pro-war or anti-war—and then defend their position.

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  • Cherokee Peacemakers

    In 1762 a delegation of Cherokee leaders went to England to visit King George III. What was its goal, and how did the meeting impact history? Students learn about the Cherokee culture and compare it to the culture of the English colonists.

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  • The Cumberland Gap

    At the beginning of the eighteenth century, the lure of better farmland and increased economic opportunity began drawing intrepid colonists westward, beyond the Appalachian Mountains. This downloadable provides resources for two separate lessons about this important period of American expansion.

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  • Earning and Spending

    Earning and Spending: Money made the world go 'round in Colonial times as well. Dig into the economic system of an earlier time.

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  • Electing Our Representatives

    How does the turmoil of hanging chads, contentious debates, and negative campaigning of the recent times compare to elections of the more distant past? The presidential elections in the early republic had their share of excitement. Students review voting restrictions and use primary sources to study campaign tactics in early American history.

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  • Free Among the Enslaved

    In 18th-century America, a small group of free African Americans forged a place for themselves between the free white and enslaved communities. Their lives serve as outstanding examples of individual strength and courage. This downloadable provides two lesson plans with a historical overview, timeline of events, and primary documents about non-white free persons in the 1700s.

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  • Human Cargo

    The selling of human lives into slavery may seem unimaginable. Through analyzing primary sources, students come face to face with the slave trade and its impact on the people who were part of it.

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  • Independence or Treason?

    Depending on your viewpoint, George Washington and the other founders were either heroes or traitors. What legacies would they leave behind? Students analyze images and primary source documents to determine the positions and viewpoints of the founders of our nation.

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  • Justice for the Young

    Before the 20th century, justice for children and adults was determined in the same courts. This downloadable examines how youth were treated legally in colonial times, and why some juvenile offenders were acquitted while others were harshly punished to the full extent of the law.

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  • Living in Two Worlds

    Living in Two Worlds: Take a close look at the Brafferton School where young American Indian boys were sent and often felt caught between two cultures.

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Inquiry Into History

These invaluable lesson plans are derived from the expertise of both ABC-CLIO's American History editorial team and the teachers and researchers at Colonial Williamsburg. This collection includes materials designed for two distinct audiences: elementary school students and high school students. Each selection includes a topic overview, two suggested activities, and reference entries, providing 25–30 pages of content—all offered at attractive, affordable prices that represent unparalleled value for your classroom.

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